The Bunkhouse

The Bunkhouse used to sleep 21, but after the pandemic people want more space, so the rooms are now 5, 4 and 2. With one in the corner of the living room -  for the worst snorer - that can make 12. It could sleep more, if the group wanted it that way. 

Entrance hall for outdoor gear and boots. Heated living room. Dining room. Kitchen with gas rings and gas and electric ovens, toaster, kettle, fridge. Two washrooms and showers. Drying room and spin dryer, as well as a clothes line and a hedge (that's a bit of low-tech pragmatism).  A house full of soaked people can't expect to be dried overnight so come prepared with extra togs. Try to bring indoor shoes. We have wonderful mountain water, so you don't need plastic bottles of so-called spring water. Bring them empty and fill up,(AND please take them home with you.)